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Monday April 11, 2016: Curt Bonk, Mimi Lee, Tom Reeves, and Tom Reynolds. Business Meeting of the AERA Computer and Internet Applications in Education Special Interest Group (SIG), Washington, DC.

The 3Ts MOOCs Debate: Targets, Types, and Tensions

MOOCs Debate Articles:

Saturday April 9, 2016: Research Paper Presentation: Mimi Miyoung Lee and Curtis J. Bonk

Informal and Self-Directed Learning from MOOCs and Open Education: Learner Characteristics, Motivations, and Challenges

Dropbox Link for files for both April 9 and April 11 events:

Bonk, C. J. (2015, June 24-25). Beijing Normal University, Haidian, Beijing, China.

Presentation Slides:

1. A Mixed Methods Look at Self-Directed Online Learning…and the Design of Online Activities for Successful Online Experiences

2. Learning is Changing: MOOCs, The Open World, and Beyond

Dropbox Link:

Preconference Symposium, October 2013, MOOCs and Open Education around the World

E-Learn 2013 Conference

Moving Clocks from 2008 to 2013 for MOOCs and Open Ed: It's E-Learn Las Vegas Once Again, TravelinEdMan (Curt Bonk), August 30,2013:

Bonk, C. J., Lee, M. M., Reeves, T., & Reynolds, T. H. (2013, October 21). E-Learn 2013 Preconference Symposium, Las Vegas, Nevada

PDF Files
  1. Tom Reeves MOOC and Open Education Symposium Introduction
  2. Expert Insights into MOOCs and Open Education, 11:15-11:45 (includes information on “the making of a MOOC” by Karen Head and 20 teaching guidelines on teaching a MOOC by Curt Bonk).
  3. Expert Panel on Attrition, Assessment, and Accreditation, 1:15-2:15 (includes list of panelists and questions asked).
  4. Curt Bonk, Back-up Keynote: Taking Leadership in Mystery of MOOCs and the Mass Movement toward Open Education
YouTube Videos of Archived keynote talks and team report-out presentations for E-Learn 2013 preconference symposium:

Bonk, C. J. (2014, October 29). E-LEARN 2014 – World Conference on E-Learning, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Presentation Slides:

1. Learning is Changing: MOOCs, the Open World, and Beyond

Dropbox Link:

Talk Handouts:

1. Table of Contents and Special Issue 2 Pager
2. MOOCs and Open Education Around the World Flyer

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